Kamis, 01 November 2012

The Positive and Negative The Side of Facebook

Facebook is a social network that almost everyone has a Facebook account. Not only adults, teenagers and even children were nearly all have Facebook. Negative and positive impacts of the use of Facebook is of course there.

Negative impact if we are too often accessing Facebook is a first : A person can be lazy if too often accessing Facebook. For example children or teenagers being lazy with their homework and study at home, and adults may just be lazy to finish the job.

The second, less proximity or contact with the family. this can happen because someone was too cool with his world in cyberspace, so often reduces closeness with the family.

The third, especially the young one easy to access or upload or upload video and pictures of pornography. It is likely to undermine the morale of the youth.

The fourth, Facebook is a place where we are free to their opinions, but this freedom is usually triggered the dispute because of the people who offended due status created by a specific user account, and finally there berate each other on Facebook.

In addition to the negative impact, if we access Facebook no positive impact or benefit. Among which can communicate with our relatives far away. Besides, we also can do business through Facebook.

But in our opinion, all the things we do certainly have a negative impact and a positive example in accessing Facebook. If we use Facebook as needed, then the benefits we get. On the contrary, if we are too frequent and excessive access to Facebook is likely we will hit a fever Facebook and get negative impact as above.

Diska Natul Laili (16)
Dwitya (17 )
Edi Setyadi Prayoga (18)
Eka Budhi (19)
Friska Apsari (20)

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